Suilive SS-150

Hydrogen purity 99% min.
Hydrogen production 150 ml/min.

Suilive SS-300

Hydrogen purity 99% min.
Hydrogen production volume 300 ml/min.

Suilive SS-600

Hydrogen purity 99% or higher
Hydrogen production volume 600 ml/min.

Suilive SB-1

Hydrogen concentration up to 1ppm

Suilive beauty+

Highly concentrated hydrogen mist.

Suilive water+

Highly concentrated hydrogen water generation / Simple hydrogen inhaler.



Hydrogen House for Pets

Professor Emeritus, Osaka University

Yoshinori Oyama / M.D

I believe that in the future, having hydrogen inhalation around us will help us achieve a “healthy body,” and I consider it my mission to use my experience and knowledge to properly inform the world about the effects of hydrogen on health and beauty.

In cooperation with a well-known national university in the prefecture, we have continued research and developxment in pursuit of the highest safety and quality in Japan. Our hydrogen inhalers, which have been created through the thorough pursuit of hydrogen safety and the establishment of evidence, will support you in achieving a sustainable healthy lifestyle.