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We lead the advanced medical hydrogen medicine that will be responsible for the future of Japan.


We refine and create the ideas of craftsmen that Japan is proud of,and bring new products to the world.


We are committed to domestic production. We deliver products to our customers with sincerity and safety.


We aim to develop a community-based business and aim to spread the habit of hydrogen to the world.

Attraction of Suilive

Developed and manufactured domestically for the first time in Japan

We have created this product by combining our ideas with Japan’s proud technological development capabilities. This is a safe and secure hydrogen inhaler with attention to detail.

From home use to medical level

We have a lineup of hydrogen inhalers for a variety of applications from home and commercial use to medical level.

Hydrogen production suitable for the human body

Just because the amount of hydrogen produced is high does not necessarily mean that it is good for improving one’s constitution. Suileve provides hydrogen inhalers that produce the right amount of hydrogen for the human body, based on the medically recommended amount of hydrogen production.

Professor Emeritus, Osaka University

Yoshinori Oyama / M.D

Today, multi-functional hydrogen medicine is attracting worldwide attention.
The root cause of ageing and disease is bad reactive oxygen species. It is no
exaggeration to say that these reactive oxygen species shorten life expectancy.
Recent research has shown that feeding hydrogen to mice, Drosophila and
nematodes prolongs life expectancy. With regard to global pharmaceutical
approvals, a hydrogen/oxygen mixed gas device was approved for
pharmaceutical use as a medical device in China in December 2019, while a
phase I clinical trial has been completed in the USA for the pharmaceutical
approval of a hydrogen gas device. It is particularly used in China to treat
patients with COVID-19 and is listed on the website of the Japanese Medical
Association. We believe that Japan should work on hydrogen medicine, which
has no side-effects and is multifunctional, so that it can be put to practical use in
clinical trials, research and as soon as possible in various parts of the country,
without delaying the world’s advanced medical nations.

Professor, Laboratory of Exercise Metabolism, School of Sport Sciences, Waseda University

Dr. Masashi Miyashita

Hydrogen inhalation has been attracting attention in various health-related
fields, but in recent years it has also been attracting attention in the field of
Sports medicine. High-intensity exercise induces more active oxygen production.
This not only increases oxygen consumption due to increased respiratory rate,
but also informs that the inflammatory response transiently increases active
metabolites, tissue damage and indices of inflammation. Hydrogen molecules
has been medically shown to have antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties
and has been reported to inhibit cell death due to cell damage in a dosedependent manner. Especially for athletes, who are engaged in high-intensity
daily training, ensuring the quality of their training is essential. It is expected to
contribute to sports situations as recovery and conditioning through hydrogen
gas inhalation.

Why hydrogen is good for your body.

Hydrogen combines with bad reactive oxygen species to form water.
Hydrogen promotes the role of red and white blood cells.
Hydrogen is a safe and reliable antioxidant with no side effects.

Suilive SS-300 has been selected to be introduced in Paris Saint-Germain!

 Paris Saint-Germain F.C.


Hydrogen converts bad active oxygen, which is deeply involved in all kinds of diseases and aging, such as cancer, diabetes, myocardial infarction, cerebral infarction, and joint pain, into harmless water. In addition, as long as the amount of hydrogen produced is appropriate for humans, there has not been a single report of side effects to the body associated with hydrogen inhalation, even in studies conducted at various medical institutions around the world and at university hospitals in Japan. Safe and secure hydrogen inhalation is the fundamental treatment for all kinds of diseases and aging.

In clinical dentistry, I would like to recommend it for the prevention of periodontal disease as well as for the maintenance of general health. In addition, since hydrogen can be inhaled at the same time as dental treatment, I think it is easy to introduce. One thing that is particularly noteworthy is that there are no side effects. Any remedy usually has side effects. In the case of hydrogen, there are no side effects at all, so it can be said that the greatest advantage is that it can be used safely for all patients.

It was more than 10 years ago that people began to believe that hydrogen was good for the body, and initially hydrogen water was the mainstream. However, in the past few years, hydrogen inhalation has become the mainstream, and the effects are said to be several hundred times different. The appeal of hydrogen is its ability to eliminate bad active oxygen, which is the source of aging and disease, without any side effects, but it is also known that it actually works on the nervous system.
In particular, it works on the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous systems, so when used in combination with our treatment, we can provide excellent treatment for our patients.


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